Session Members and Team Heads

Henry Bartosch, Elder & Clerk of Session                                                   Anne Whirley, Building and Grounds
Richard Myers, Worship Team Chair                                                            Jeanine Akers, Education and Outreach
Elizabeth McFadden, Elder                                                                          Mary Kirkland, Building and Grounds
Glenna Rohrbacher, Elder
Susan Baldwin, Nominating Team Chair
Pat Rohrbacher, Business Team Chair
John Rutkauskas, Formation Team Chair
Matthew Noe, Elder
Rodney Rastall, Nurture Team Chair

What are Teams?

Worship Team
That sacred hour on Sundays. We bring the light, choose the hymns, read the scripture and perform all other familiar and strange rituals to create a space for God.

Business Team
The books and the building. We keep the church spruced up and the accounts in the black.

Formation Team
The Word and the world. We teach the tenets of an open and loving Christianity and bring our talents to good works in the community.

Nurture Team
The palate and the soul. We organize immense moments of food and fellowship and bring comfort to the afflicted.